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Linealight group, since 1985, offers and create his own style in the world of lighting . Through constant research of shapes and trends and the development of innovative products, in collaboration with lighting designers, the group has been able to establish itself as an international leader in the production of lighting equipment.

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Linea Light lamps internationally represent the vanguard with focus LED lighting and thus products with low energy consumption, suitable to satisfy the sensitivity towards energy saving and environmental safeguard.

Linea Light offers its cutting-edge technological research with the quality and the aesthetic value of Made in Italy, thus offering extremely versatile lamps: the ideal choice for the furnishing and the decoration of every environment.

We suggest here our own selection of Linea Light lighting solutions that includes every type of lamp you may need: chandeliers, ceilings, wall lamps, light fixtures, table lamps and floor lamps of the prestigious Treviso designer specialized in lighting systems for the indoor and in particular for the kitchen.