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Classic pendant lights: the chic touch for the home

The classic suspension chandelier immediately brings to mind the most beautiful and luxurious villas and palaces of the past, where every occasion was good to organize dinners and banquets attended by nobles and the richest families. Thanks to the use of classic materials such as crystal, Murano glass or wrought iron, classic pendant lamps immediately give the environment in which they are installed a touch of undisputed luxury and style.

Classic chandeliers: past and present

Unattainable for most people in the past, today classic pendant lamps are within everyone's reach. Among the chandeliers on the market, in fact, there are numerous light points that replicate the ancient ones in form and sumptuousness. Classic pendant lamps can easily be adapted even to a more modern environment, immediately giving an extra touch.

The classic chandeliers that you can buy today are the right combination of past and present. The same shapes and the same materials are re-proposed, but can be combined with LED and energy-saving bulbs.

Due to their characteristic majesty, classic suspension lamps are suitable for playing a central role in an important room such as the living room or bedroom, highlighting a more luxurious and prestigious style. Even if unusual, even environments such as the bathroom and the kitchen lend themselves well to welcoming classic chandeliers as protagonists of the environment.

The charm of classic pendant lamps

Among the characteristics to be attributed to classic chandeliers there is, for sure, the ability to project enchanting plays of light and shadows on the walls and ceiling thanks to the choice of materials used to make them. Once this effect was the result of the use of candles, whose flickering light was reflected on the crystal and Murano glass.

Which bulbs to choose for classic chandeliers?

To recreate the right classic and ancient atmosphere, the choice of the bulb to be used on classic pendant lamps must also be well studied.

For the most demanding on the market, there are candle-shaped light bulbs to best recreate the classic atmosphere. As an alternative to this very conservative version, the use of teardrop or flame bulbs is recommended. These are available in the more traditional incandescent version, but also in an energy-saving version. In this sense, the light bulb market is also evolving and adapting to the needs of consumers, making available energy-saving light bulbs whose shapes are more consistent with antique chandeliers. Let's not forget that LED lights can also be used on classic chandeliers. This type of lighting guarantees optimal solutions when multiple light sources of modest size are needed, combined with the savings that characterize LED lighting. The latter option is the best example of how progress and innovation can go hand in hand with the tradition and charm of classic pendant chandeliers.