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Modern ceiling lamps: what they are and how to choose them

The ceiling lamps they are nothing more than the so-called ceiling lights applied directly to the ceiling. They spread indirect light it's relaxing. The modern ceiling lights, whose name ceiling lamp derives from the French “plafonnier”, are an alternative to suspension lamps. Their design allows not only to illuminate the environment, but also to furnish it because they are real design objects.

The ideal environments to install modern ceiling lamps they are the corridor and the bedrooms, but they are also used in the dining rooms, and there is no shortage in the offices. Modern ceiling lights illuminate even small rooms or rooms with false ceilings well, not stealing space as happens with other lighting devices.

Let's see in more detail how to choose the modern ceiling lamp ideal for any environment.

How to choose the ideal modern ceiling light for the rooms of the house

When choosing the ceiling lamp it is necessary to pay attention to two needs:

  • provide the necessary light for the daily activities that take place in the room where it is installed
  • beautification of the environment on the basis of furniture and personal tastes

Often the aesthetic component is the only aspect that is taken into consideration. It is certainly important to make the environment welcoming, but it is even more so, illuminate the space adequately. The reasons are many, from not straining the view, to not being forced to use additional lighting tools because the chosen ceiling light does not do its job in the best way.

Another important factor is the choice of light source for the ceiling light which can be a LED or halogen.

Modern LED ceiling lamps

The difference between modern LED and halogen ceiling lights is that the modern LED ceiling lamp it is ideal for entrance or corridor, thanks to its instant and soft lighting at the same time. The modern LED ceiling lights they are also ideal for the bedroom where they combine practicality and totally relaxing lighting, promoting the right relaxation before falling asleep. Finally, they are great for bathroom if the space is limited and there are several shadow points. In fact, LED ceiling lamps, in addition to favoring energy saving, allow you not to give up the desired style and to illuminate the bathroom in favor of even the darkest points.

Modern halogen ceiling lamps

Halogen ceiling lamps, on the other hand, they are ideal for kitchen or living room as they provide constant light to the whole room.

The perfect size of modern ceiling lamps

Once the type of lighting has been decided, one must move on to the size of the modern ceiling lights, the size of which must be right in relation to the room in which they will be installed and which they must illuminate.

A practical example on the choice of the size of the ceiling lamps can be the one that sees a modern ceiling lamp of about 30 cm installed in a corridor or a bathroom, where the space to be illuminated is limited. A living room, on the other hand, requires a large ceiling light, which today is completely modern and of great design.

Don't forget then, that in case of off-axis light point, to avoid seeing an unsightly chandelier, the ceiling light is the best solution.

If you are renovating your home or changing the arrangement of the light points and you love modern style then the modern ceiling lamps are the ones that are right for you. Follow our advice and you will not go wrong in your choice.