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Alma Wall Lamp Fan Europe
  • Alma Wall Lamp Fan Europe
  • Alma Wall Lamp Fan Europe
  • Alma Wall Lamp Fan Europe

Alma G9 wall lamp

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Wall light available in different versions: in paintable plaster for customisation; in gold leaf or silver leaf for timeless elegance.

Fan Europe

Color : White

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The Alma lamp from the Fan Europe company is a lighting product characterized by a contemporary and elegant design. Here is a detailed description:

Description of the Alma Lamp:

  • Manufacturer : Fan Europe
  • Model : Alma
  • Shape : The Alma lamp has a rectangular shape with a soft curve that adds a dynamic touch to its design.
  • Color : White, with a clean and modern finish.
  • Material : Made of plaster.
  • Style : Modern and minimalist, suitable for various types of furnishings.

Features and Applications:

  • Internal Design : The Alma lamp is perfect for modern and minimalist environments, thanks to its clean design and elegant shape.
  • Lighting : Offers indirect lighting, ideal for creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. The light spreads evenly, avoiding glare.
  • Mounting : It is designed to be mounted on the wall, with the flat part touching the surface of the wall.
  • Functionality : It can be used both as the main source of lighting and as an accent light to enhance particular areas of the environment.
  • Versatility : Suitable for use in various interior spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, corridors and passage areas.

Usage and Decoration:

  • Aesthetics : The Alma lamp stands out for its simple but refined design, which can easily integrate into various furnishing styles, adding a touch of elegance and modernity.
  • Ideal Environments : Excellent for modern homes, contemporary offices, restaurants and hotels looking for stylish and functional lighting solutions.

SOURCE : 2 x max 25W, G9.


Data sheet

H 25 cm - L 19 cm - SP 10 cm
Enclosed light bulb
Number Light bulb
Available with dimmer
Max power

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