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ETA Sat Suspension Lamp KDLN diffuser body in fiberglass / Vellini
  • ETA Sat Suspension Lamp KDLN diffuser body in fiberglass / Vellini
  • ETA Sat Suspension Lamp KDLN diffuser body in fiberglass / Vellini
  • ETA Sat Suspension Lamp KDLN diffuser body in fiberglass / Vellini
  • ETA Sat Suspension Lamp KDLN diffuser body in fiberglass / Vellini

ETA Sat suspension lamp with fiberglass diffuser body

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Matter is transformed and becomes a luminous body. Physicality and abstraction in a lamp with an original aesthetic strength. Fluid and irregular shapes create a new, suggestive balance. An object with a marked decorative value, ideal for collective spaces and for contract settings.


Color : White

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Pendant lamp. Diffuser body in ecological handmade fiberglass, with polycarbonate reflector, internal structure in metal.

Colors: White and Orange .

SOURCE : 1 x 40W E14 (E12US) clear round + 1 x 100W E27 (E26US) clear tubular.


Data sheet

Guglielmo Berchicci
H 180 cm - L 80 x 60 cm
Handmade light diffuser in ecological fibreglass, with polycarbonate reflector, metallic inner structure
Enclosed light bulb
Number Light bulb
E14, E27
Available with dimmer
Max power
40W + 100W

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