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Tholos Suspension Lamp Fan Europe metal structure
  • Tholos Suspension Lamp Fan Europe metal structure
  • Tholos Suspension Lamp Fan Europe metal structure
  • Tholos Suspension Lamp Fan Europe metal structure

Tholos suspension lamp with E27 metal structure

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Metal pendant with harmonious shapes available in different colors such as black, gray or embossed white with satin gold and bronze interior, green or yellow with white interior.

Fan Europe

Color : White

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The Tholos item is an elegant and contemporary pendant lamp, ideal for adding a touch of modern style to any environment.

Design Details:

  • Shape : The lamp has a rounded and tapered geometric shape, which is somewhat reminiscent of a drop of water or a cut diamond. This distinctive shape contributes to a sophisticated and modern aesthetic.
  • Exterior Finish : The exterior of the lamp is painted in various colors including: white, grey, black, bronze, green and yellow , giving a clean and minimalist look that easily adapts to different decor styles.
  • Internal Finish : The interior of the lamp is white or golden in color, which not only adds a touch of luxury but also helps to reflect the light in a warm and welcoming way.


  • Material : The lamp is made of metal, ensuring durability and solid build quality.
  • Suspension : It is suspended by a height-adjustable cable, which allows you to customize the distance from the ceiling according to the specific needs of the space and personal taste.
  • Ceiling Mount : The ceiling mount is simple and discreet, keeping the focus on the main body of the lamp.


    • Diameter : The lamp has a diameter that provides good light coverage without being excessively large or bulky.
    • Height : Adjustable height allows you to adapt to different ceiling heights and lighting preferences.

    SOURCE : 1 x E27.


    Data sheet

    H max 201 cm - Ø 52 cm
    Enclosed light bulb
    Number Light bulb
    Available with dimmer

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