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Artemide,Table, SISIFO
Artemide,Table, SISIFO

Sisifo table lamp Led 13,5W 3000K

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Mechanical intelligence and patented optical innovation allow the flat diffuser to direct its comfortable light with maximum freedom and minimum footprint of the base, ensuring correct illumination both on extended worktops and on smaller surfaces. Base in steel and aluminum, stem in steel, reflector in technopolymer and aluminum.




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Table lamp that balances visual comfort and ambient lighting needs. Materials: the head and the cylindrical base are in extruded aluminum, the adjustable stem is in chromed brass and the diffuser in PMMA. The adjustable flat diffuser tilts in all directions and emits warm and relaxing LED light. Light control system: short touch turns on / off the LED source. The long touch is a dimming of the LED source. When the long touch is released, the direction of adjustment is reversed. BULB : Led 13.5W - 3000K, 646lm. Dimmable - touch dimmer .


Data sheet

Scott Wilson
H 41.9 cm - Ø 25 cm
Head and cylindrical base in extruded aluminum, adjustable stem in chrome-plated brass, diffuser in PMMA
Available with dimmer
Max power
Chip Led

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