List of products by brand Vesoi

Vesoi Italian company that was founded in 1981 as glassware for lighting. Inspired by the incandescent light bulb, with creativity and expertise has created products around these simple sources. Official retailers

Vesoi offers LED or incandescent lamps which are characterized by an evocative and emotional power and a high aesthetic value, combined with energy efficiency and high quality standard of the materials used.
The collaboration with major contemporary designers produces lamps that combine creativity and technology, for a lighting that decorates in an innovative and human-scaled way.

Vesoi is the most “eco-design” interpreter, a lighting concept that assigns the same importance to the stylish design and the target environment which the object is to be located in. Vesoi lamps are completely Made in Italy lamps that offer convenient and intuitive solutions, stimulating emotional atmospheres and avant-garde technology.

Among the Vesoi brand lighting we have selected the most prestigious lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor needs: we offer an accurate collection of wall lamps and sconces, chandeliers and ceiling lamps, in addition to the best table and floor lamps we suggest to illuminate the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen, but also other spaces.