• AiLati Lights

    AiLati Lights

    AiLati is a brand created in 2005 by Federico de Majo, a Venetian designer who has always worked in lighting, gaining his professional experience...
  • Antonangeli


    The Antonangeli lighting lamps are characterized by a willingness to marry "functionality" and "emotion". They combine practicality with the...
  • Artemide


    The signature style of Artemide lighting lamps is an elegant design combined with a sophisticated technology that enables superlative performance,...
  • Belfiore


    Belfiore was originally founded in 1968 in Nove, in the heart of Veneto. Its beginnings see the production of hand-made ceramics in an area rich in...
  • Catellani & Smith

    Catellani & Smith

    Catellani & Smith founded in 1989 by the entrepreneur and designer Enzo Catellani. The excellence of Italian craftsmanship in Castellani &...
  • Cini & Nils

    Cini & Nils

    Cini&Nils was established in 1969. The company stands out for innovation and quality. Always Cini & Nils has made quality one of its...
  • Decorative


    Linealight group, since 1985, offers and create his own style in the world of lighting . Through constant research of shapes and trends and the...
  • Due P

    Due P

    Due P has been operating in the lighting sector for more than 40 years. The considerable quantity of items produced satisfies the demands of the...
  • Fabas Luce

    Fabas Luce

    Fabas Luce creates lamps according to a main concept: to introduce design lighting objects for everyone. Thanks to Fabas, the high-end recognizable...
  • Fan Europe

    Fan Europe

    FAN EUROPE LIGHTING has been a 360° lighting supplier for more than 20 years. It collaborates with non-European companies to create highly...
  • Ferroluce


    Ferroluce was born in Friuli in 1982 and brings together the most typical art and craftsmanship of Made in Italy to bring a unique atmosphere in...
  • Filotto


    Take a hyperactive creative, a handful of dreamers and a made in Italy production. Add 15 years of carefully seasoned experience. Put everything in...
  • Fontana Arte

    Fontana Arte

    The brand Fontana Arte has made the history of Italian design in light , it was founded in 1932 as a subsidiary and artistic division of the Luigi...
  • Gea Luce

    Gea Luce

    Gea Luce is a company with consolidated know-how in the field of lighting, on the strength of decades of experience that has always produced...
  • Gibas


    Gibas delivers since over fifty years the italian quality in lighting to the national and international market, merging designand tradition,...
  • Ideal Lux

    Ideal Lux

    Founded in 1974, Ideal-lux was born as a small reality guided by the intuition of designing a product that is current and at the same time...
  • Il Fanale

    Il Fanale

    Il Fanale Group was founded in 1979 by the initiative of the two founders Luisa Martin and Fausto Dalla Torre. The products of IL FANALE keep the...
  • Illuminando


    Born in 1998 Illuminando S.r.l. is a leading company in the lighting industry, which manufactures and markets lighting and electrical equipment,...
  • KDLN


    KDLN creates lamps with innovative aesthetics based on the concept of "anti-conventional form" which represent the best solution for those who want...
  • LEDS C4

    LEDS C4

    In 1963 we started our operation in Torà, in the province of Lleida, producing hand forged lighting.
  • Lucifero


    Lucifero Lighting produces lamps that are real "art installations" in an eclectic and unconventional style: lighting systems with strong...
  • Masiero


    The production of the company, which operates more than two decades in the industry, historically draws on the tradition of the classic Venetian...
  • Maytoni


    German company founded on February 1, 2009 in the city of Hamburg.
  • Metallux


    Since 1974 Metal Lux produces and sells, in major markets, lighting fixtures for interiors. Located in the Venetian interland Metal Lux was able to...
  • Moretti Luce

    Moretti Luce

    Since 1991 it has been producing lighting products able to amaze and satisfy the needs of the market. Despite the dynamism towards continuous...
  • Pan International

    Pan International

    PAN INTERNATIONAL was founded in 1987. A well-organized and dynamic company. Through 3 complete collections in the new edition of the catalogues:...
  • Penta


    Penta lamps ensure your environments efficient lighting and timeless elegance, thanks to a design made of essential forms and architectural...
  • Redo GROUP

    Redo GROUP

    Turn on bright ideas, this is what Redo Group continues to do with passion every day, offering luminaires since 2000.
  • Rotaliana


    Rotaliana is an enterprise of designer lamps since 1989, distinguishing itself by creativity and innovation. Rotaliana lamps are an expression of...
  • Sideform


    Sideform is an Italian lighting company founded in 1992 in Cerbara, in the province of Perugia. The company deals with the design, production and...
  • Sikrea


    Sikrea is an Italian lighting company founded in 1999 in Volpago del Montello, in the province of Treviso. The company deals with the design,...
  • Sillux


    Sillux offers design lamps and high technology chandeliers ensuring efficient capabilities in terms of both lighting and energy saving.
  • Stilnovo


    Stilnovo is an Italian company founded in Milan in 1946 specialized in the production of lighting fixtures and furnishing accessories. In the 1950s...
  • Vesoi


    Vesoi Italian company that was founded in 1981 as glassware for lighting. Inspired by the incandescent light bulb, with creativity and expertise...
  • Vivida


    Vivida International is a company that designs modern lighting components, capable of adapting to any internal environment and numerous external...
  • Zafferano-Bespoke Glass Lighting

    Zafferano-Bespoke Glass Lighting

    Zafferano-Bespoke Glass Lighting was born from Federico de Majo's thirty years of experience in the conception of lighting and artistic glass...