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  • Antonangeli

    The Antonangeli lighting lamps are characterized by a willingness to marry "functionality" and "emotion". They combine practicality with the aesthetic pleasure of a lamp or a lighting system.

  • Artemide Catalogo lampade

    The signature style of Artemide lighting lamps is an elegant design combined with a sophisticated technology that enables superlative performance, with the guarantee of a world leader of lamps for both residential (home) and professional (office) lighting systems.

  • Axo Light

    Axo-light offers high-end decorative lighting solutions: we have chosen for you the best products from the international Axo-light catalog, the right choice to furnish modern and innovative contexts.

  • Catellani & Smith

    Catellani & Smith founded in 1989 by the entrepreneur and designer Enzo Catellani. The excellence of Italian craftsmanship in Castellani & Smith's lamps is comined with the firm will to create "unique pieces" of absolute originality, able to make both residential and professional spaces stand out from the crowd.

  • Cini & Nils

    Cini&Nils was established in 1969. The company stands out for innovation and quality. Always Cini & Nils has made quality one of its strengths.

  • De Majo

    De Majo Lighting , which was founded in 1947, can boast of a great tradition. De Majo offers design lamps and chandeliers in both classic and modern styles to decorate the spaces of the house with exquisite and elaborate lighting pieces of Murano glass.

  • Fabas Luce

    Fabas Luce creates lamps according to a main concept: to introduce design lighting objects for everyone. Thanks to Fabas, the high-end recognizable and stylish design comes in as furniture in the living spaces of your everyday life.

  • Ferroluce Retrò

    Ferroluce, specialized in the production of chandeliers, was founded in 1982 by the will of Walter and Miriam that they wanted preserved and handed down Italian artisan excellence.

  • Fontana Arte

    The brand Fontana Arte has made the history of Italian design in light , it was founded in 1932 as a subsidiary and artistic division of the Luigi Fontana’s company, working in the trade of shimmering glass processing. Fontana lamps and chandeliers are true "icons" of lighting systems that combine the functionality of lighting to a highly sophisticated design.


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