• Antonangeli


    The Antonangeli lighting lamps are characterized by a willingness to marry "functionality" and "emotion". They combine practicality with the aesthetic pleasure of a lamp or a lighting system.

  • Artemide Catalogo lampade

    Artemide Catalogo lampade

    The signature style of Artemide lighting lamps is an elegant design combined with a sophisticated technology that enables superlative performance, with the guarantee of a world leader of lamps for both residential (home) and professional (office) lighting systems. Official retailers

  • Axo Light

    Axo Light

    Axo-light offers high-end decorative lighting solutions: we have chosen for you the best products from the international Axo-light catalog, the right choice to furnish modern and innovative contexts.

  • Belfiore


    Belfiore was originally founded in 1968 in Nove, in the heart of Veneto. Its beginnings see the production of hand-made ceramics in an area rich in raw materials and ceramic manufacturing. In the eighties, the company enters the lighting world.

  • Catellani & Smith

    Catellani & Smith

    Catellani & Smith founded in 1989 by the entrepreneur and designer Enzo Catellani. The excellence of Italian craftsmanship in Castellani & Smith's lamps is comined with the firm will to create "unique pieces" of absolute originality, able to make both residential and professional spaces stand out from the crowd.

  • Cini & Nils

    Cini & Nils

    Cini&Nils was established in 1969. The company stands out for innovation and quality. Always Cini & Nils has made quality one of its strengths. Official retailers

  • De Majo

    De Majo

    De Majo Lighting , which was founded in 1947, can boast of a great tradition. De Majo offers design lamps and chandeliers in both classic and modern styles to decorate the spaces of the house with exquisite and elaborate lighting pieces of Murano glass. Official retailers

  • Fabas Luce

    Fabas Luce

    Fabas Luce creates lamps according to a main concept: to introduce design lighting objects for everyone. Thanks to Fabas, the high-end recognizable and stylish design comes in as furniture in the living spaces of your everyday life.

  • Ferroluce Retrò

    Ferroluce Retrò

    Ferroluce, specialized in the production of chandeliers, was founded in 1982 by the will of Walter and Miriam that they wanted preserved and handed down Italian artisan excellence.

  • Fontana Arte

    Fontana Arte

    The brand Fontana Arte has made the history of Italian design in light , it was founded in 1932 as a subsidiary and artistic division of the Luigi Fontana’s company, working in the trade of shimmering glass processing. Fontana lamps and chandeliers are true "icons" of lighting systems that combine the functionality of lighting to a highly sophisticated design. Official retailers

  • Gibas


    Gibas delivers since over fifty years the italian quality in lighting to the national and international market, merging designand tradition, combining technological innovation with artisan creativity.

  • Il Fanale

    Il Fanale

    Il Fanale Group was founded in 1979 by the initiative of the two founders Luisa Martin and Fausto Dalla Torre. The products of IL FANALE keep the charm and appearance of the old lamps of the past, with references to Arte Povera and evocative rustic to modern trends which are one of the most consistent and lively market today.

  • Illuminando


    Born in 1998 Illuminando S.r.l. is a leading company in the lighting industry, which manufactures and markets lighting and electrical equipment, offering classic, modern and unique style solutions.

  • Knikerboker


    Knikerboker offers lamps whose design is based on their experience in the fashion industry: every element of lighting is able to express the character of those who live it like a tailored suit and make it recognizable. Official retailers

  • Kundalini


    Kundalini creates lamps with innovative aesthetics based on the concept of "anti-conventional form" which represent the best solution for those who want to give a strong personality to residential and professional environments. Official retailers

  • Leucos


    LEUCOS, born in 1962, offers an artistic combination of Old World glass techniques and modern engineering, Leucos has become a renowned leader of contemporary glass lighting designs. Official retailers

  • LineaLight


    Linealight group, since 1985, offers and create his own style in the world of lighting . Through constant research of shapes and trends and the development of innovative products, in collaboration with lighting designers, the group has been able to establish itself as an international leader in the production of lighting equipment.

  • Lucifero


    Lucifero Lighting produces lamps that are real "art installations" in an eclectic and unconventional style: lighting systems with strong personality that are at the same time light solutions and inimitable works of art.

  • Masiero


    The production of the company, which operates more than two decades in the industry, historically draws on the tradition of the classic Venetian with its high quality materials, such as crystal and blown cristal from Murano glass masters.

  • Metallux


    Since 1974 Metal Lux produces and sells, in major markets, lighting fixtures for interiors. Located in the Venetian interland Metal Lux was able to get from the experienceof the best of artisans in glass and metal.

  • Modo Luce

    Modo Luce

    ModoLuce is a strong, italian brand with 10 years experience & activity in the lighting industry.

  • Nemo


    Nemo collection includes versatile lamps suitable for any environment, both for the home and for the office. These are design lamps and chandeliers created with an emphasis on functionality and ergonomics: they are thus practical but also high aesthetic value objects.

  • Pan International

    Pan International

    PAN INTERNATIONAL was founded in 1987. A well-organized and dynamic company. Through 3 complete collections in the new edition of the catalogues: PAN, SIBILLA and  ALTATENSIONE, the company is capable of meeting all lighting technology needs.

  • Penta


    Penta lamps ensure your environments efficient lighting and timeless elegance, thanks to a design made of essential forms and architectural elements melted together in a perfect balance between atmosphere and functionality.

  • Sillux


    Sillux offers design lamps and high technology chandeliers ensuring efficient capabilities in terms of both lighting and energy saving.

  • Studio Italia Design

    Studio Italia Design

    Studio Italia Design has been the premier designer and producer of modern lighting fixtures since their start in 1950. Based in Venice, Italy their fixtures display the highest quality and design standards and epitomize the prestigious label: “Made in Italy"

  • Torremato


    Torremato is Il Fanale group's design lamps brand: lighting solutions with refined aesthetics that are characterized by the craftsmanship, the technological innovation and the power efficiency, with quality assurance provided by a 100% Made in Italy lighting production.

  • Vesoi


    Vesoi Italian company that was founded in 1981 as glassware for lighting. Inspired by the incandescent light bulb, with creativity and expertise has created products around these simple sources. Official retailers