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Design floor lamps for the uniqueness of the environment

Design floor lamps are the perfect choice for those who want integrate light into furniture, donating one unique and unmistakable style. The floor lamps, in fact, are real furnishing accessories. They offer dynamic solutions for any environment, whether with LED bulbs or with halogen or incandescent bulbs. The design floor lamps can be placed in all rooms, from the living room, to the bedroom, from the study to the living room. With their simple presence they are able to enrich the appearance of all environments.

The practical aspect of design floor lamps

The design floor lamps, whether LED or traditional, boast the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. Design floor lamps are considered a piece of furniture with an unmistakable style and design. More and more designers, in fact, take care of every little detail of these light points. Moreover, in addition to their aesthetic aspect, they are dynamic due to the ability to create effects and plays of light and shadow on walls and ceilings. There are many models on the market, made in full compliance with the highest quality standards required.
A design floor lamp can be positioned in any environment thanks to its high flexibility, while responding to every practical need. The installation of the posts is very simple. Most of the time it is enough to choose the exact spot where to place it: next to a table, in the corner of the bedroom, near an armchair.
The lighting of a designer floor lamp is not necessarily secondary. In fact, there are an increasing number of houses where the floor lamps act as the primary light point, the absolute protagonist of the lighting of the room, instead of the more classic ones. chandeliers or wall lamps.

Which design floor lamp to choose?

The best known model of design floor lamp is certainly the arched one. With its representative curved stem and metal shade. In fact, there are numerous other models of design floor lamps. How to orient yourself? Which one to choose? Here are some valuable tips.

  • For living rooms, such as the living room or the dining room, the design floor lamps with original and unusual shapes and lines are perfect, finding themselves the real protagonists of the room. Aesthetics in these cases wins over light, which is preferable to be secondary

  • The models made of metal, with cold colors and a minimal style, are instead suitable for environments where the primary lighting comes from the floor lamp.

  • The solutions with more light points, on the other hand, give the environment in which they are only placed, a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.