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The identity card of classic floor lamps

When designing the lighting of a house, classic floor lamps, modern, contemporary or any other style e design, play a fundamental role. Thanks to the uprights it is possible iinvent light points in all those places where it is not possible to install a chandelier or another type of light point. Thanks to the classic floor lamps, corners of the room and, more generally, of the house that were not taken into consideration are enhanced. This type of lighting is very suitable for creating reading, relaxation and conversation areas.

The styles of the floor lamps: classic or modern?

A floor lamp is not simply a light source, but can be considered a real piece of furniture, especially when it does not perform its primary function: to illuminate. The styles of the floor lamps are many and in the choice of the classic, modern or contemporary floor lamp, it is good to pay close attention to your tastes and the style of the furniture, as well as the place to place it. Design, aesthetics and… functionality! Don't forget to always keep these three pillars in mind when choosing the model of floor lamps for your home. Focus on the area where you will place it and the function it will have to perform (primary or secondary?). Classic floor lamps boast structures with traditional shapes. They are very simple but extremely functional and practical floor lamps. Generally speaking, they are made of metal or wood, and are perfect for lighting refined and elegant environments.

What to illuminate with classic floor lamps

The floor lamps are usually a support for the main light points. Their function is to integrate the lighting of chandeliers, appliques, ceiling lights or spotlights. In some cases, however, it is possible that classic floor lamps are the absolute protagonists of the room.

The environments in which to place a floor lamp are many. The floor lamps are perfect light sources that are well suited to be positioned in different places

  • a small room where you can be the absolute protagonists
  • an undervalued area of the room, preferably a corner, a place next to a coffee table or an armchair
  • a reserved and silent place dedicated to the relaxation of reading, next to a bed, an armchair or a sofa.

How to maintain and clean classic floor lamps

In order to keep the classic floor lamp looking like new, it is good to follow certain cleaning precautions. Weekly it is recommended to pass a electrostatic cloth or a damp cloth in order to eliminate the layer of dust. It is also important to take care of the diffuser he was born in lampshade. In particular:

  • a metal or glass diffuser requires the classic floor lamp turned off and cold in order to pass the damp cloth
  • a paper diffuser wants to be dusted with a dry cloth
  • a fabric lampshade must first be dusted and then dry cleaned with specific products
  • a parchment lampshade can be cleaned with a damp sponge and mild soap