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Indoor spotlights are ideal for direct lighting on specific areas of the house. They can be more discreet than a chandelier, both in terms of design and on the type of light emitted (less strong). The models on the market have fixed options to illuminate only specific parts of the house, such as the entrance, the study or dining table. There are also directional indoor spotlights, aimed at highlighting furnishings or particular objects in the home.

Indoor spotlights: how and when to install them?

Spotlights for the home offer significant energy savings compared to other indoor lighting models, as well as boasting a low environmental impact. This is because the led light lasts longer than the classic light bulbs. Furthermore, the ignition is direct and fast, and during the use of the indoor spotlights overheating is contained. Discreet on the furnishings, they can be installed in corridors with a low ceiling, favoring the lighting of the environment, or in more experienced areas of the house such as the kitchen or the living area. The solution that reconciles all needs is the choice of directional internal spotlights, aimed at illuminating a table or television, allowing good visibility and low eye fatigue.
The important thing is to have a surface in which to make the hole to apply the spotlight. This offers the possibility of using models to be installed inside walls (if the ceiling is low) on wooden panels (if the house is modern and no renovations are in progress) or in the false ceiling.

Recessed spotlights: the most popular indoor lighting models

Among the most used models for interior lighting, recessed spotlights are among those mainly chosen for the little space they occupy. The assembly, in fact, takes place inside the false ceiling, highlighting only the beam of light emitted. These models are made in different shapes, but the most used ones concern the round or square ones, which are also compatible with the main LED bulbs to be installed inside them.

With reference to the choice of materials, it is good to know that they are all resistant to the high temperatures that are reached after a massive use of these lights (with the exception of LED solutions). You can, therefore, range from glass to steel and in some cases, in plaster. What about the indoor spotlight bulb? The LED ones are the best and although they have a slightly higher cost than halogen bulbs, they ensure a more compact and uniform light effect, in addition to lower total costs on consumption in the bill even in the case of use for several hours. However, LED lights allow you to appreciate their excellent performance, especially if used for a long time.