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The originality of vintage wall lamps

Perfect for lighting the whole house and on all the main environments, vintage wall lamps are also widely used as an original piece of furniture. Without losing sight of the style chosen for your furniture, small objects from the past are added such as vintage lights and a personal touch that never goes out of fashion.

Vintage wall lamps: what they are and why they are so loved

Vintage lamps as a wall application offer the advantage of good lighting and are also suitable for larger rooms. This offers the possibility of being able to combine them with maximum freedom as furnishing accessories and to make use of different styles that give that unique personal touch to the home.

The most requested and loved models are represented by vintage retro-style lights. These are wall lamps that perfectly fulfill their role of lighting and furnishing. In the latter case, in fact, they are made with pastel shapes and shades that recall at first glance, the fantastic Fifties and Sixties.

Vintage appliques: beyond retro style

Among the most loved and appreciated retro styles there is shabby chic, a type of furniture that is very popular in recent years. It also finds a right dimension in the vintage wall lamp. Like? By reporting on the applique some fake signs of wear or by choosing colors that are not too strong and mostly faded. Then there is the industrial style, which focuses on materials such as wrought iron and glass to give that modern touch to the home.

The vintage wall lamps, despite having their own identity with prevailing characteristics, are made in small dimensions and in a very discreet and in any case elegant way, coordinating with the rest of the home furnishings.

Vintage lights: which are the home environments in which they are most present

The vintage wall lights can be freely installed in any room of the house. For this reason, there is greater freedom of choice also on the type of furniture, retro, shabby chic or industrial. In particular, it is the living room among the most preferred rooms for this type of furniture, to create that never-tired contrast between a modern furniture and small vintage details. Being a large room it is recommended to install them on the main wall or near a table or a large sofa.

A vintage retro-style lamp or industrial-style lights in a home studio can also be installed on the wall, perhaps near the work table. Vintage lights, also present in smaller rooms, such as a corridor. In the latter case, multiple wall applications may be required at the various transit points: the important thing is to choose a single vintage line, to create a uniform home environment for one of the most popular lighting furnishings.