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Il Fanale Group was founded in 1979 by the initiative of the two founders Luisa Martin and Fausto Dalla Torre. The products of IL FANALE keep the charm and appearance of the old lamps of the past, with references to Arte Povera and evocative rustic to modern trends which are one of the most consistent and lively market today.

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Here you can find pur selection of “Il Fanale” branded lamps: they’re lamps created with the typical mastery of Made in Italy craftmen. These lighting solutions spring from the passion in shaping metals like copper, bronze and brass, that are forged to obtain unique pieces with outstanding quality and aesthetical content. They’re suitable for lighting both indoor spaces, like living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, and outdoor spaces.

Il Fanale lamps selection by Vellini include lighting solutions for both wall and suspension, and a wide range of pendant and ceiling lamps created with luxurious raw materials that belong to the Made in Italy tradition, like clay and copper.

The lighting solutions by Il Fanale are easily recognizable for the references to the lamps of the past as much as for the country style that reminds of the past forms and raw materials. Il Fanale lights give all the spaces they decorate a vintage ambience due to a modern aesthetic mixed with past times hints.