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Furnish with vintage pendant lamps

The vintage it is a style that can refer to both clothes and everyday objects that have been designed or produced by at least two decades. There superior quality and refined represents the fundamental peculiarity of vintage, which literally means "harvest" to indicate a fine wine. A house with antique furniture certainly boasts valuable elements, on which to spread one adequate light thanks to vintage pendant lamps.

Suspension lamps vintage

THE vintage chandeliers they are usually made up of materials such as wrought iron and copper, finely forged to create elegant and rounded shapes, but also the ceramic and crystal. Unlike the retro style, which tends to recreate a particular vintage or decade, the vintage one is more versatile. In general, as with the rest of the furniture, it would always be appropriate never weigh excessively environments with complements that are too rich, but alternate them with others simpler and more linear. The lighting, then, should always be optimal, never too strong or too weak and marry with the single room, correctly lighting all areas of the room.

Vintage pendant lamps for the area day

Living room

A suspension lamp vintage placed in the living room it can be very impressive or extremely simple, depending on the atmosphere you want to recreate. With fine furniture such as those in the Louis XIV style, for example, you can combine a multi-light vintage chandelier, with the structure in wrought iron or gold, with finely inlaid arms that hold candlesticks with light bulbs that recall the flame, hanging items drop and finishes in Swarovski crystal. There are various models: in some the arms stand out above all, in others there is one central structure which is the real star of the vintage chandelier and acts as a support for the lights placed around it.


There kitchen, perhaps even more than the main hall, is the real one heart of the house. The vintage pendant lamps, here, they must ensure adequate lighting without sacrificing style. One of the current vintage trends is to use the naked light bulb, but this represents a truly minimalist extreme and may not suit everyone's tastes. In the sixties was very much in vogue there suspension with internal circulation (even if some models have the normal light bulb): the top was one dome cover consisting of white or colored opal glass, while in the lower part there was a element in brass or wrought iron. This type of vintage pendant lamp represents one of the most popular choices, but also a simpler and more brightly colored vintage chandelier, always representative of that decade, can make the kitchen a cheerful and bright place.


In the bathroom, usually, we tend to opt for wall lamps, but also one ceiling light or a vintage pendant lamp they are valid solutions. This room is certainly no less important than the others, but here it is certainly more appropriate to orient yourself on something simple and essential, with elements in glass or wrought iron rather linear.

And for the sleeping area?

Like the living area, also the bedroom can be illuminated by a vintage chandelier with an important structure with drop-shaped or multi-armed crystal elements. However, care must be taken not to overdo it with the light points and their aesthetics. In the case of lampshades and floor lamps already present, it is preferable to opt for a simple vintage pendant lamp. A simple glass or ceramic dome, perhaps decorated with floral motifs or other delicate subjects, it is for example perfect to recreate a soft light and reconcile rest.