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Wall lamps are a lighting classic aimed at creating effects and plays of light in most rooms of the house. With a refined and particular design, many models of design wall lamps are on the market with solutions that allow them to be easily combined with any style of furniture. From the classic to the most romantic to the modern.

Each room has its own design wall lamp

The design wall lamp is highly sought after to create an aesthetic harmony with everything that is present in the environment in which it will be placed and, very importantly, in relation to the size of the wall. It is suitable for both a small area such as a corridor, and for larger and more spacious areas such as the living room. Furthermore, based on the available surface, it is good to consider whether to buy more design appliques in order to place them in different points of the wall or whether to integrate this type of lighting with other support options, such as products with ceiling installation or suspension. These two models, in fact, aim above all to illuminate a specific area, while those on the wall create greater uniformity over the entire room to be illuminated.

The wall lamp also has numerous advantages in terms of cleaning as the products are not installed too high. Furthermore, the design lamps are compatible with the main LED light bulbs on the market, thus ensuring good energy savings.

Classic or modern style for design appliques

Design wall lamps represent one of the best solutions for indoor lighting. They boast numerous advantages such as compatibility with LED bulbs, uniform light effect and easy installation. With reference to this last point, it should be noted that compatibly with the purchase there is an instruction booklet containing all the main indications on how to proceed with correct assembly. It is always advisable to take the measurements carefully and to avoid installation in too narrow passage areas or near sinks (for example the kitchen corner or the bathroom). Furthermore, it is good to take care to keep every single piece present in the assembly package, even the smallest ones. The same, in fact, will be used for a possible quick replacement, without having to buy the whole product again. The styles offered on the market for design appliques are varied. One of the most popular classic styles is the reproduction of a wrought iron candle, perfect, for example, for wall installation on several strategic points of a corridor. Another classic style among the most loved for design, is a white glass lampshade that creates uniform and not too aggressive lighting in the home environment, as well as giving a touch of undisputed elegance to all the furnishings. Among the modern design wall lamps, those with rectangular plaster shapes, mirrored lamps or lamps with glass diffusers and for an elegant location are very popular.