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Design pendant lamps

Design pendant lamps are an important alternative to the historical models of chandeliers. Their purpose is not only to illuminate an environment in the best possible way, but also to decorate it with the most original styles linked to home furnishings. There are many materials that are possible to choose from on these models, such as wood for a classic design or glass for a more modern design.

Design chandeliers, how they have changed over time and why choose them

The sector of indoor lights has changed a lot in recent years, taking a dual direction, of lighting and furniture. In the first case, we are talking about an energy-saving solution, which allows good lighting, environmental protection and the reduction of costs to be incurred. In the second case, we are talking about styles that follow very original designs and allow you to foresee a choice of taste also on home furnishings, enhancing the furniture and furnishing accessories.

But what is the right design for home chandeliers? First of all, we must carefully observe the dimensions of the room to be illuminated and the relative furniture already present. At this point, we are ready for a first choice on color or between a more neutral one for a simpler design, or a more lively one if the refined design is more specific. We can then move on to the choice of the size of the suspension lamp and in this case, it is above all to observe the ceiling to get our answer. Typically, a very high ceiling and a large room require the installation of a larger chandelier. Conversely, for smaller rooms, go to discretion with elegant and not too showy designs.

Design pendant lamps, the best materials on the market

From color to size for indoor lights, the imagination has no limits. The design pendant lamps, are made following various styles and with an eye to the materials that best suit the furniture already present in the home. If, for example, classic furniture with wooden furniture is prevalent, the design of the pendant lamps can lean towards these materials and with a contrast of very elegant colors and shades on this choice.

At the same time, if the furniture is more modern, it is possible to think of design solutions with a worked plastic and embroidery or even an elegant transparent glass.
To be placed mainly in the center of the room for amore uniform lighting, it is a good idea to follow other small precautions to respect the design of the whole house. Do you need to furnish a living room? Then look at the furniture present, for the choice of the right colors and materials for the suspension lamps such as dark wood, without losing sight of the best placement on the design. In particular, place the pendant lamp above the table with a minimum distance of at least 60 cm from the aforementioned top to obtain good lighting. For a kitchen, on the other hand, the ideal could be small suspension chandeliers placed in sequence and at a good height, to encourage greater freedom of movement in the room and still create a good effect on the lighting and on the enhancement of its furniture.