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Classic wall lamps: timeless fashion

Classic wall lamps are of the timeless interior lighting solutions. Why? For the charm of a very bright light suitable for any room in the house; for a classic style, still firmly in the preferences of many families to complete and enhance the furniture. L'wall installation and always current models the shapes and designs to choose represent another important strength of these models.

Classic wall lamp: the advantages

Classic wall lamps are one of the most important models to evaluate for proper home lighting. Unlike other suspended or ground solutions, they do not require a lot of space or the need to choose specific points for installation. The latter, in fact, is very simple to make and takes place directly on a wall. Whether it's a large room such as a living room, or even a narrower space such as corridors, classic wall lights find a perfect place. Thanks to them classic design, they are in perfect harmony with the rest of the furniture. The Led lights to be applied in these models, they give a good effect on full lighting of the environment and with good energy savings.

Another advantage that should not be underestimated is that these solutions can be perfectly installed in houses with low ceilings and offer excellent lighting without creating particular obstacles. All that needs to be done is to identify the wall to apply it to and the rest is offered by the splendid classic aesthetics. There are no visible cables and the dimensions are not too excessive, offering ample freedom to install the same model in several points of the walls or in several rooms.

Classic designer wall lights: another important detail to fall in love with

These useful solutions are not only very simple to install, but have the design. The classic is in fact a theme that never loses points and that is still very present today in the main home furnishings with applications such as:

  • Forged iron. It is among the most popular models on classic wall lamps and, in particular, finds an easy placement in corridors or small rooms.

  • Glass and iron. Another combination widely used in classic wall lights and suitable for most furnishings. It can also be inserted in larger rooms such as bedrooms or living rooms.

  • Ivory and Gold. These models also take care of the small details and with very current colors such as ivory and gold, which allow you to follow that classic taste with the various furnishings and trendy colors of this period.

And what about the most popular shapes in classic appliques? In this regard, you can count on many models, such as a large leaf (especially suitable for small rooms such as a corridor), candles (also very suitable especially for lighting small rooms) or a glass cup. The latter can also be enriched with very elegant embroidery, to enhance the lighting as the protagonist part of a larger environment such as the living room.