fontana arte lampade da terra piantane
artemide lampade da soffitto
artemide lampade da tavolo
artemide lampade a sospesione

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In this section you will see how a lamp positioned in the right way can valorize the surrounding environment.

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Vellini Illuminazione

fundamental point for all the problems related to the world of lighting

Vellini Lighting was born out of thirty years' experience in the sector, which is why it remains a fundamental point for all the problems linked to the world of lighting. Customers who rely on our experience can offer indoor and outdoor LED lighting, industrial lighting, offices and shops as well as decorative items from the best companies for interiors and exteriors. Inside our showroom there are a wide range of lighting fixtures from leading companies in the sector.

Table lamps - Abat-jours

For those who want to create an elegant, sophisticated and stylish environment, indoor lighting plays a very important role. Table lamps are the main means of achieving this goal and making the atmosphere warm and enveloping. Table lamps - Piantane allow you to relax in dim light, savoring the pleasure of calm and serenity before sleep. Table lamps can be considered real furnishing accessories, to be combined in style with the furniture of the room. In the lampshades we find the perfect combination of aesthetics and practicality, favored by the numerous shapes available and the many styles, colors and materials available.

Floor lamps

Any type of environment lends itself to accommodate a floor lamp. The added value of the floor lamps is their mobile nature, which allows you to move the light point where you prefer or, more simply, where you need it. It is a versatile solution that is well suited to all rooms in the house. The numerous models guarantee perfect solutions for every type of furnishing and style, from the classic to the modern one. Often, floor lamps have a dimmer, which is essential for regulating light intensity. Other models, however, have a flexible arm and adjustable in height depending on the needs.

Suspension lamps - Chandeliers

The chandeliers are characterized by soft lighting, coming from the top and expanding throughout the entire underlying environment, or by direct light, aimed at illuminating specific areas of the room. suspension lamps can be real works of art, characterized by shapes, styles, lines, elaborate details and attention to detail. Even the materials are often the subject of experimentation in the creation of chandeliers, both as absolute protagonists, and coupled in an innovative and original way. And for the design and different style, this type of light source is well suited to all rooms of a house, an office, a room or a study.

Wall lamps - Appliques

Thanks to the appliques it is possible to define the character of an environment, creating plays of light with original and unique shapes and structures. The atmosphere that the wall lamps are able to give is very suggestive and is well suited for the living area. In them we find an in-depth study of the forms and materials used in the realization, which allows wall lamps to combine practicality, functionality and aesthetics. The perfect solution for those who love to give a touch of class to their home.

Ceiling lamps - Ceiling lights

Compact and with minimal visual impact, ceiling lamps are effective solutions to create suggestive luminous atmospheres, full of feelings and emotions. The ceiling lights are applied directly on the wall and have a cover that hides the bulbs. Aesthetically very beautiful, they are also practical and functional. In general, the structure is metal, while the glass shade. With the progress of design, numerous models of ceiling lamps have begun to be found on the market, with harmonious but decisive shapes, perfect for any type of environment, whether modern, classic or contemporary.

Outdoor lighting

After the sunset, in spring and summer, it is pleasant to spend hours in the open air. Whether it's a garden, a patio, a balcony or a terrace, outdoor lighting is essential. The solutions to be adopted are many and can be achieved thanks to the different models of outdoor lamps that are created every day by the hands of experienced professionals. For each corner there is a perfect model, suitable in size, in the model, in materials, form in every specific requirement, be it purely aesthetic or also functional.