Furnish the Bedroom of Your Dreams with the Right Lamps
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Furnish the Bedroom of Your Dreams with the Right Lamps

Both in the morning and in the evening, a light that helps the eyes to get out of the half-light is important. Choosing the type of lamp that best suits your personal needs is the best purchase you can make. The bulbs must be able to project a clean light of the right intensity. Together with the design, they are among the first things to consider when choosing a pendant lamp. These cause the light to spread evenly throughout the room.

The type of lamp must follow the style of the interior furnishings. A suspension lamp is a fixed piece of furniture while a table lamp can be moved to other rooms. Understanding how to integrate the perfect lighting applies to every single part of the house.

The bedroom is not excluded and in general it must be equipped with at least three lamps.

One is the ceiling light for general lighting of the room.

Table lamps are ideal for reading a book before sleep.

Wall lamps are the alternative to table lamps for a horizontally projected light in the room.

For the bedside table

The Vesoi brand has one of the best lamps for the bedroom. Dondolo 35/LP is equipped with led and off/on switch. The structure is in steel with a chrome finish or painted in black and white. The light has an indirect emission becoming one of the best candidates to have an intimate atmosphere in the room.

For those who love a simpler and more geometric design, here is the Magic table lamp. The straight and simple lines are ideal for a bedroom with contemporary furniture. Made with nickel base, steel structure, nickel-plated copper stick and blue cable. The dimmable LED bulb is the right one to give a touch of class to the room.

An artistic design is that of Titivilus. A particular lamp because the base is in white terracotta with a steel stem. The finishes are in chrome and the lamp cover in silicone glass. The decorated tip can be customized with the colors red, yellow, green or blue.

For the Wall

Another choice for the bedroom is the wall lamp. Albachiara LP 1016/20 is the right one to effectively illuminate the room without the light shining directly on the eyes. They can be positioned above the headboard of the bed so that the light comes from above. The high quality of the materials thanks to the blown glass diffuser is available in satin, chrome, bronze, copper and amber colors to give an elegant touch to the room of feelings.

The next option for the bedroom wall can be the Leggoflex model. The Vesoi brand has created an object with an adjustable steel structure. Available in white or chrome colour. It's perfect for anyone who loves to read because it can be adjusted shining the light directly on the book. Equipped with both versatility and design, it is among the best choices if you don't have a lamp of this kind at home yet.


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