Create Your Ideal Summer Living Room with the Right Garden Lamps
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Create Your Ideal Summer Living Room with the Right Garden Lamps

Summer evenings are beautiful as the heat of the day subsides and a refreshing breeze arrives. For garden floor lamp, spending the evenings in the garden in the company of friends requires a classy piece of furniture. The external area is considered on a par with the internal one and exterior design has its own space in the furniture market. Choosing the right armchairs, the table, chairs, gazebo and maybe even a swimming pool must be in harmony with the lighting. At night the lamps will be the ones that allow you to experience this space.

The most used for the garden are the ground ones and are used both on the floor and near the plants. They bring design and elegance creating the right atmosphere for a dinner. The pendant and wall models are perfect for giving sophisticated contours by surrounding the area with an effect of different lights.

Let's see which lamps are right for a summer garden.

Floor and wall lamp for outdoo

Floor lamps are just the ideal solution. They can be moved by customizing the space. Some are perfect for placing under plants to illuminate them. Others, on the other hand, are designed to be in the central point of the garden. The Moby lamp is one of them and the classy design suits the wooden structures. The structure is in painted metal and is available in yellow orange, shotgun and white. The diffuser, on the other hand, is in satin opal PMMA which offers a unique lighting experience.

The wall lamp from the Bat collection is very popular. Available in different versions, it is present as a wall model. It is made in cor-ten, also called galvanized metal. It is an eclectic lamp and fits into the garden, increasing its charm. A garden is chic with the Bat model both day and night and presents itself as an excellent piece of furniture capable of uniformly illuminating the space.

Spotlights and Pendant Lights

If there is a reinforced wooden gazebo or a canopy, the proposed idea is to put a suspension lamp. Brighten up evenings spent talking to friends in total relaxation. Design and style accompany this product creating intimacy and warmth. The fabric that covers the lamp is white Valencienne lace coupled with fiberglass. A lantern that illuminates the dim light of the night. Made of untreated natural copper and resistant to rain, wind and heat make it a perfect lamp for the outdoor environment. The versatility of this lamp is such that it can also be used on the table, on the wall and on the floor.

A green lawn flanked by a gravel path are perfect for ground spotlights. The Bitta T1A3 model, winner of the Compasso d'Oro ADI 2014 award, brings the perfect integration between aesthetics, technology and functionality. The light is projected downwards, illuminating the grass in the garden.

Design and quality are synonymous. To create the best garden you need chic, sophisticated and refined lamps where the workmanship is high and the brand is renowned. Torremato, Il Fanale, Modo Luce and Antonangeli are brands that can be trusted to furnish the outdoor space of the home.


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