5 Ideas for Kitchen Lighting
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5 Ideas for Kitchen Lighting

Furnishing the kitchen is an opportunity to have a design home. The contemporary and modern style are frequent choices, bringing the pleasure of owning aesthetically beautiful objects into the home. The place where meals are prepared can be a special area or it can communicate with the living room. The living room becomes a space in which it is possible to insert different models for lighting. Let's see which are the most beautiful models of lamps to install.

Lamps for a refined kitchen

The order of the furniture must be taken into consideration to choose the optimal lamp. A pendant lamp is ideal for the kitchen. When cooking food, light is an important factor because it allows you to easily identify ingredients and utensils.

Visibility is a key element in observing the preparation and a Kundalini Shakti Sky 200 pendant lamp is the right one. With laser-cut Plexiglas diffusers, inserted in a mirror-polished steel ring. The choice of colors is varied because there is white, red, orange and fuchsia. It's perfect if you own a table. Some are raised and equipped with stools. In this case the light is projected directly onto its surface, creating a classy environment.

When there is a living room where kitchen and dining room meet, it is necessary to rethink the type of lighting. You need someone who can combine these two spaces, creating an exclusive area. The presence of a large table offers the opportunity to examine the Aro suspension lamp by the Leucos brand. The glossy black and chromated crystal colors personalize the room by creating the perfect atmosphere during dinners. The structure is in white painted metal and the main material is in pure blown crystal. A stylish yet cozy home is everyone's dream. Everyone wants to relax in their own home and doing it in a chic setting is the best thing you could wish for.

Modern Pendant Lamps

Another lamp to furnish the kitchen is Lume' So produced by De Majo. The blown crystal glass diffuser allows the expansion of light in the room, making the environment bright.

As a suspension lamp, it is the most suitable for contemporary furnishings because the elegant lines blend with the rest of the furnishings, forming the perfect combination for those looking for beautiful lamps that can be adapted to an existing decor.

The modern style can adapt to many lamps and one of these is definitely the Rose. Like a flower that opens offering its colors, a suspension that offers its light as a spontaneous manifestation of beauty and grace.

Translucent white linear polyethylene diffuser; embossed white painted metal body. A refined lighting system is the right option to illuminate the table in the kitchen or use it as the main chandelier for the whole living room.


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