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Artemide,Suspension, EMPATIA 36 SUSPENSION
  • Artemide,Suspension, EMPATIA 36 SUSPENSION
  • Artemide,Suspension, EMPATIA 36 SUSPENSION

Empatia 36 Suspension lamp glass diffuser Led 24W 3000K

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Empatia represents an encounter between latest generation technology and ancient knowledge, it combines an innovative technological base with the beauty and uniqueness of hand-blown glass. Lamp body in painted aluminum, transparent blown glass diffuser with glossy silk finish, light guide in technopolymer.



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Suspension lamp. Empatia was born from the union between the great tradition of blown glass and Artemide's LED technology.The strong interest in the expressive potential of the material led to collaborate with the glass masters, to acquire full control of the particular plasticity of Venetian glass and to work on the balance between surface and light, between subtle densities and transparencies. Transparency and opacity are wisely dosed in order to obtain a glass that reflects and diffuses the light without dazzling, without losing efficiency.The result is an optical machine that has its heart in a high-performance LED light engine, which is born separate from the body. glass emissivity in favor of thermal efficiency and performance. The light is controlled with maximum efficiency and guided to the glass diffuser through a transparent light pipe with a very low absorption coefficient. BULB : Led 24W - 3000K, 1273lm .


Data sheet

Living room
Carlotta de Bevilacqua, Paola di Arianello
H min 50 max 220 cm - Ø 36 cm
Painted aluminum and blown glass
Available with dimmer
Max power
Chip Led

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